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Seth Taube

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Seth B. Taube is an entrepreneur, investor, company builder, musician, philanthropist, and parent who has achieved great success.

He has developed and built many billion-dollar businesses, two of which were listed on the New York Stock Exchange through an initial public offering. Seth currently devotes his time and resources to ensuring humanity's and the planet's long-term viability through charitable and for-profit contributions and investments at the intersections of mental health, technology, culture, and education.

Seth has invested in mental health solutions, climate technologies, and education for almost two decades. He established The Seth B. Taube Foundation Inc. in 2003, to which he has donated millions of dollars to support these activities. Seth's foundation focuses on education reform and the "healing economy," which he defines as humanitarian and for-profit endeavors to improve people's health and the world.

Taube lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his two energetic and accomplished adolescent children. He has two brothers, five nephews, one niece, and Levi, his dog.

Seth graduated from Harvard University in 1992, where he discovered his passion for neuroscience, mental health, and human flourishing. In 1993, he earned a Master's degree in Management, Economics, and Politics from St. Andrew's University in Scotland, where he was also a Rotary Foundation Fellow. He earned his MBA from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School in 2003.

Seth Taube is a seasoned and successful entrepreneur who founded many firms over the last 25 years, two of which have become billion-dollar public companies on the New York Stock Exchange. These corporations have invested in over 500 enterprises, supporting hundreds of thousands of employees across 35 industries.

He just co-founded Progressive Therapeutics Inc. (, whose purpose is to enhance the mental health of millions of people worldwide. PTI's first focus is on female emotional problems, with additional solutions for broader mental health diseases in the works. Furthermore, PTI is a sister firm of the Ketamine Research Foundation (, pioneering the creation of innovative psychoactive and psychedelic medications and training to alleviate suffering worldwide.

Seth also works with early-stage technology businesses to develop procedures for more ethical data acquisition and anonymization, establishing norms for how technology should be utilized in the future.

He began his career in finance at prestigious firms such as Morgan Stanley and Tiger Management.

Seth is an ardent musician with over four decades of experience as a violinist, performing regularly in the San Francisco Bay Area with numerous symphonic and chamber music ensembles. Seth also plays in local bands and bluegrass bands.

Seth Taube, an ardent cyclist, has raced and pedaled across California, North Carolina, New England, and overseas. He bikes over 5,000 miles yearly to tour the world and deepen his passion for our planet.

Seth is enthusiastic about neuroscience and mental health. He works with individuals and groups to develop innovative approaches to treating trauma and suffering in all of its manifestations. He also practices frequent meditation, influenced by the Dzogchen and Mahamudra traditions.

Philanthropy: Advocate for Mental Health, Climate Activist, and Education Reformer

Seth Taube is deeply committed to finding answers to the enormous existential and catastrophic risks humanity and our planet face. The Seth B. Taube Foundation is dedicated to a thriving future on Earth, from donations to organizations developing innovative climate technology solutions to assisting in the global mental health epidemic, particularly in the aftermath of the recent pandemic, and reforming our education system at all levels.

Taube has dedicated millions of dollars to climate change solutions through The Seth B. Taube Foundation, Inc. Seth's foundation is primarily concerned with climate technology solutions, particularly regenerative systems, biomimicry, and alternative energy. Seth began investing in climate solutions over two decades ago and continues to do so through direct investments and charitable contributions from his foundation.

Taube has given to many mental health firms and philanthropic groups tackling the rising worldwide epidemic of trauma and suffering through the Seth B. Taube Foundation, Inc. Taube is a member of the Ketamine Research Foundation's Board of Directors, whose mission is to encourage clinical research, training, and protocol development in the field of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.

Seth Taube believes that the failure of our educational institutions and the breakdown of the information ecosystem, in general, will have several long-term detrimental consequences. To overcome the complex difficulties we confront as a species, we must dramatically enhance our commitment to education reform. Seth's foundation promotes education at all levels, from post-secondary institutions to local schools and philanthropic groups supporting creative ideas to improve K-12 education and civic awareness. Seth's passion for teaching was sparked by his mother, Lorraine, a career special education teacher, and father, Gerald, a Ph.D. in Social Welfare and college professor. Both parents instilled in their children the significance of advocacy and the necessity to give back.

Seth Taube is actively interested in educating and developing the leaders of his enterprises, as well as the leaders of firms in which he invests and charities in which he is involved. Over the last two decades, Seth has trained and developed hundreds of leaders using new training approaches and systems. These systems drew on ontological philosophy, cognitive psychology, meditation, and mindfulness, as well as Seth and his team's content and modalities. He has coached colleagues who are now in high positions at big firms, foundations, and non-profit organizations. Over the previous two decades, Seth has received training in various leadership styles. He continues to strengthen his leadership skills to coach and develop others.