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Seth Taube

Progressive Therapeutics in San Francisco, CA


Seth B. Taube is an entrepreneur, investor, company builder, musician, philanthropist, and parent who has achieved great success.

He has developed and built many billion-dollar businesses, two of which were listed on the New York Stock Exchange through an initial public offering. Seth currently devotes his time and resources to ensuring humanity's and the planet's long-term viability through charitable and for-profit contributions and investments at the intersections of mental health, technology, culture, and education.

Seth has invested in mental health solutions, climate technologies, and education for almost two decades. He established The Seth B. Taube Foundation Inc. in 2003, to which he has donated millions of dollars to support these activities. Seth's foundation focuses on education reform and the "healing economy," which he defines as humanitarian and for-profit endeavors to improve people's health and the world.